Selwo Aventura

Selwo Adventure park is a unique wildlife, nature and adventure, located in Estepona.

In this large territory live in their natural habitat similar to more than 2,000 animals from around the planet as elephants, Bengal tigers, giraffes, white rhinos , lions … and Kanvar, the only Asian elephant born in Spain conditions.

The visitor looks closely wildlife on a journey that makes walking and off-road trucks . Selwo Adventure offers adventure activities like Europe’s longest fixed , camel rides or Route Walkways the zip line.


Parque Acuático Mijas

Mijas Water Park offers fun for everyone, with all kinds of attractions from water slides, children’s pool,lizards island, Kamikaze,Rio Grande River Adventure , Soft Tennis, Jacuzzi etc.


They also have a wide range of services, hammocks, a cloakroom, safety deposit boxes. cafe bar and restaurant, ice creams, soft drinks, juices, a great variety of salads and dishes menu and of course also have fun in the game room.



Sea Life Benalmádena


Sea Life Benalmádena Sea Life Benalmádena is a fascinating interactive aquarium unique in the Costa del Sol .

Surrounded by 500,000 liters of water will meet more than 2,000 creatures that inhabit the Mediterranean, Atlantic and tropical areas of the Indian , Pacific and Red Sea, not to mention the most representative species they found in the Amazon.

Enjoy a unique experience for the whole family exploring the wonders of the underwater world at Sea Life Benalmádena.
Immerse yourself and discover a few centimeters the fascinating creatures that inhabit our oceans , from the curious starfish to sharks legendary. Activate all your senses !

At every step you will find incredible creatures that you enjoy and learn surprising curiosities.
Face to face with legendary sharks, rays sympathetic , curious Asian otters and the largest collection of seahorses of the Costa del Sol.


Bioparc Fuengirola


Bioparc Fuengirola championed a new model of zoo based on respect for nature and the preservation of their species, a model that has become a benchmark in Europe.


Talking about Bioparc Fuengirola is referring to a different concept of zoo. A zoo where animals live together in a recreation of their natural habitat that favors their development at all levels. Visit is to enter a real documentary about the deepest tropical forests.


Bioparc Fuengirola is characterized, among other things, for its architectural design called zoo-immersion, which immerses visitors in the environment of the animal. The whole park is designed to envelop him who wanders into a recreation of habitat from which the animals. There is a continuity between the physical space occupied by the public and occupies the animal in order to convey some of the magic that involves walking the forest and discover its inhabitants.


A faithful representation of Tropical Forest

The recreation of habitats in Africa, Asia and Madagascar was performed by lematización; slopes, waterfalls, rocks, logs and even real-looking trees were created. The creation of the baobab tree: one of the largest artificial trees in the world, with 25 m high, was a great challenge for designers of the park. Today it has become an icon of the park and the city of Fuengirola.This comprehensive recreation of habitats is complemented with messages about the need for conservation.


The park recreates the moonlight through a complicated system of special lighting. Thus, visitors will discover on your walk in the park, the secrets of the mysterious world of night in tropical forests.

Emblematic species.

In total, now live in the zoo 130 different species and more than 1400 individuals.
Bioparc features such iconic species as the Sumatran tiger, included in the Red List of Threatened Species IUCN (Union for Conservation of Nature) with the highest category of “critically endangered”. Currently, there are only 250 free in their natural habitat and the park has achieved its reproduction.


Also, in the park they have exclusive species of great biological importance as the False Gavial Malay, which has managed to reproduce for the first time in captivity, or blue Duiker, both unique in Spain, or breeding group of gorillas the only ones that can be seen in Andalusia.


A jungle to discover the moonlight.

The warm summer nights on the Costa del Sol offer visitors this unique opportunity in Spain and Europe as Bioparc Fuengirola is the only European Zoo opens its complete facilities during July and August until 12 pm, and the world’s only together with Singapore.


he park recreates the moonlight through a complicated system of special lighting. Thus, visitors will discover on your walk in the park, the secrets of the mysterious world of night in tropical forests.